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Hello world!

Welcome to the Lists of 100 Blog! This blog is a welcoming and open space for posting your “Lists of 100.”

This blog was started by Simone and Jennifer as a place for “Lists of 100″ Swap participants to record and share their lists.

“The List of 100 is a powerful technique you can use to generate ideas, clarify your thoughts, uncover hidden problems or get solutions to any specific questions you’re interested in. ” Luciano Passuello

Complete text here.

Simone read this and immediately realized what a great idea it was. With Luciano Passuello’s permission, she is hosting 100 list swaps using his 100 list. Here are the first two swaps. Check the “Swaps” page listed at left for updates.
List One: 100 Things I’m Grateful for
List Two: 100 Ways I Could Nurture Myself

“Don’t worry too much about repeating entries; duplicates can shed light on your patterns of thought…… Last 30 entries: where the gems are

“At this point you will already have exhausted most “logical” answers, allowing your subconscious mind to express itself more freely. Don’t be surprised if you get at least one or two really nonsensical or seemingly illogical entries. You may feel tempted to not write them down (How on earth did I think that?). Write them down anyway: these wacky entries may sound far from profound, but it’s exactly those items you’re after. ” Luciano Passuello.

All are welcome to join us! To sign up for the individual swaps which are currently open, click here. To become a participant on this blog, please e-mail jennhx AT comcast DOT net.


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