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Seems I need this… I’ve been in dark, wintry, sleepy, depressed hibernation mode lately.

  1. Meditate.
  2. Call good friends.
  3. Really share myself with friends.
  4. Take a long, hot bath.
  5. Go to the sauna. (more…)

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100 Ways I Can Nurture Myself

1. Take a long hot bath
2. Go for a walk in the sunshine
3. Listen to some music that I like
4. Sit out in my backyard
5. Read a good book – read, read without worrying about the time

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Swap Hosting


For a number of reasons I asking for help hosting the following swaps:

During the Months of June and July 2008.

List 19: 100 Things I Have To Offer To A Partner/Relationship

List 20: 100 Fears I Am Having Right Now

List 21: 100 Things That Once Scared Me But Don’t Anymore

List 22: 100 Reasons To Save Money

List 23: 100 Things I Miss

List 24:100 Sacrifices I Have Made

List 25: 100 Marketing Ideas For My Business

List 26: 100 Ways I Can Make Money

If you are will to host one or more contact me at the following e-mail address (coetsers AT gmail.com )or on swap-bot.

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Air in my lungsATM machines – I never carry $$$ autumn leaves-crisp smellsbagels –my Saturday morning treatbakeries-MMMMM-delicious!birds – I just love themboats-to see what I miss otherwise book stores – the Great Escape Books to read-never enough breakfast tea-when I’m coffee’d out Bunnies – a dose of cuteness Calendars-memory lapses Camping – mmmm, quiet! chewing gum-to avoid junk food chocolate – really doesn’t need explainingcoffee makers-gotta have my Java!comic books – the older onescomputers-to make new friends cookie mix – when the great niece calls auntie and says “I’m dying for cookies!Coolers-I love to picnic (more…)

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My list is posted on my flickr page. Can we post url or images rather than typing them out in this blog?

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I posted my list of 100 things I’m grateful for on my blog today. I hope that by now my partner has received my mail and that you all enjoy my list!


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I recovered from computer crash-dom (for which I’m infinitely grateful to my husband) and was finally able to post my list.

  1. Food, in all its variety and colorfulness, which sustains and nourishes us.
  2. My apartment, a safe, cozy haven to share with my husband and kitties.
  3. My family, for being there for me as much as they are able to be.
  4. My husband, Jeff, for four years of marriage, ups and downs, and for his unwavering solidity and faithfulness.
  5. Two years off working at a “job” — this sabbatical has been a great time for me to grow and to explore my creativity and values. (more…)

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