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I love this kind of positive list!  Writing one is definitely a way to work on improving your life.  It’s all about what you focus on.  Thanks for reading… May you have a wonderful, gratitude-full, improving day!

1. Spend less time on the internet

2. Spend more quality time with hubby

3. Meditate daily or even twice daily!

4. Exercise every other day (I’m doing well on this goal) (more…)


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A lot of these wound up be sort of rhetorical, not questions anyone could really answer… which is interesting in its own way…

  1. How can I establish a solid regularity in my exercise routine?

  2. How can I avoid sweets?

  3. What kind of car will I buy?

  4. How long will it take me to buy it?!?

  5. Will I get a good deal? (more…)

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I realized I’m a bit behind in posting my lists!  I like to wait at least until my swap partner has time to receive them.

1. I am persistent

2. Laughter

3. I’m smart

4. I have intuition

5. Sometimes I listen to my intuition! (more…)

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  1. Why do human exist?
  2. When do human first exist?
  3. Why do I exist?
  4. What am I capable of doing?
  5. What is the suitable job for me? (more…)

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Swap links updated

I’ve updated the links to each swap on the Swap Page. Be certain to check there because some of this summer’s swaps are guest-hosted by people other than Simone!

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100 Ways I nurture myself

1) Long hot baths

2) Candle light

3) Incense sticks

4) Writing poetry

5) Keeping a diary (more…)

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