I Believe

I did a questionaire on Belief.net a few years ago when I was in a state of confusion. A few weeks ago I decided to do it again. It came out very different. Its not that my basic beliefs have changed its just the importance of them differ. It has been an interesting experience to reflect on.

My partner sent the words of the Affirmation by Savage Garden. I love the group, love the sound of their music and most of the lyrics.

Here is a slide show that was done to the song.


This the new swap up. It is number 27 of 100.

We have missed 5 on list. And to be honest with you I just don’t feel like doing them right now. If i host a swap, I obviously have to do it. Don’t have the option of removing myself.

Please feel free to pick up any one of them.

I have enjoyed stretching my mind by doing these swaps. Its been great to also challenge myself with a few of the topics that i did not think I could do.

At the moment everything is new and a discovery for me (being in a new Country and home). I would like to keep things fun, positive, upbeat while still challenging myself. In other words I want to pick and choose which swaps to do on the 100 list created by Luciano Passuello.

Other swappers have also suggested other topics. I would like to create another page on this blog and list them.

By the way I really loved the fact that other people hosted swaps. So if you would like to host one please let me know, so I can link your swap to this blog.

Being involved with swap-bot has made a difference in my life. Its added fun and richness to it. Its become a hobby. Hosting has introduced me to many interesting people and situations. It has broaden my horizons.

I am back


I have arrived safely at my new destination. Not exactly a trip from Cape to Cairo – instead from Cape to Banbridge.

We officially have a laptop and internet in our home. Now I am busy sorting through stuff and soon the next 100 list swaps will be up and running.

I loved the fact that a few other ladies hosted swaps. Will post official thanks soon.

If you are interested in hosting one of the swaps on the list or your own 100 list swap let me know. We can create a new page on the this blog for other swaps and if you choose one on the current list we can link to it.

Unfortunately a few swaps were cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. I will try to host those first.

Thank for your support and participation.

I missed a bunch of lists. I hope this is okay that I post list #9 now. Shent.

100 Things I Feel Stressed About (List 9) My list.

  1. Everything!
  2. Lack of money
  3. Not making enough money
  4. Not asking for much money for the work I do
  5. Feeling like I didn’t do a “good” job Continue Reading »

I have just completed my list. I like to add in a few sayings or poem. I found this poem in that process (from Poem Hunter).

A 100 things to do before we die

Deep in our selves
There is this list
Of all the things
We so far missed
The things we never dared to try
A 100 things to do before we die

On it we find the things not done
All the lost chances
All the fun
Denied avoided and passed by
A 100 things to do before we die

Exotic places far away
We’ll visit them some other day
When there is money
We will fly
A 100 things to do before we die

The face we see in a big crowd
The voice which calls us clear and loud
Another day we will reply
A 100 things to do before we die

The call postponed or never made
The night we left but wish we stayed
The tears we sometimes wish to cry
A 100 things to do before we die

Encounters left in hurried haste
Words still unsaid
Warmth gone to waste
Love taken
Like a passer-by
A 100 things to do before we die

One day we’ll finally make a start
One day we’ll answer our heart
Collect the kiss
Which ratio did deny
A 100 things to do before we die

One day we’ll speak the truth aloud
Unmask ourselves in a big crowd
Never mind the public eye
A 100 things to do before we die

One day we’ll cease to be polite
Will stop to fear another’s spite
And finally refuse to lie
A 100 things to do before we die

The day will come when finally
We’ll read the list
Which makes us see
All the things which we have missed
What could have been if we’d been free

One day we’ll read that secret list
Of all the things we so far missed
The Gods may grant time to apply
The 100 things to do before we die

24th of March,2008

Ulrike Gerbig

I love this kind of positive list!  Writing one is definitely a way to work on improving your life.  It’s all about what you focus on.  Thanks for reading… May you have a wonderful, gratitude-full, improving day!

1. Spend less time on the internet

2. Spend more quality time with hubby

3. Meditate daily or even twice daily!

4. Exercise every other day (I’m doing well on this goal) Continue Reading »

A lot of these wound up be sort of rhetorical, not questions anyone could really answer… which is interesting in its own way…

  1. How can I establish a solid regularity in my exercise routine?

  2. How can I avoid sweets?

  3. What kind of car will I buy?

  4. How long will it take me to buy it?!?

  5. Will I get a good deal? Continue Reading »