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New Development

I am very excited to announce that we now have a 100 list group on swap-bot.

The aim of creating this group is to keep members informed of any 100 list swaps that are being hosted.

No swaps will be created in this group unless requested.

If you or someone else creates a 100 list swap, you can either put the link in the announcement section or inform me and I will do it. Swap-bot will then automatically send out an e-mail to all members of the group informing them that there is an announcement. Group members can then look at the swap requirements and decide whether or not they want to sign up.

To join the group click here Lists of 100 Group


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This the new swap up. It is number 27 of 100.

We have missed 5 on list. And to be honest with you I just don’t feel like doing them right now. If i host a swap, I obviously have to do it. Don’t have the option of removing myself.

Please feel free to pick up any one of them.

I have enjoyed stretching my mind by doing these swaps. Its been great to also challenge myself with a few of the topics that i did not think I could do.

At the moment everything is new and a discovery for me (being in a new Country and home). I would like to keep things fun, positive, upbeat while still challenging myself. In other words I want to pick and choose which swaps to do on the 100 list created by Luciano Passuello.

Other swappers have also suggested other topics. I would like to create another page on this blog and list them.

By the way I really loved the fact that other people hosted swaps. So if you would like to host one please let me know, so I can link your swap to this blog.

Being involved with swap-bot has made a difference in my life. Its added fun and richness to it. Its become a hobby. Hosting has introduced me to many interesting people and situations. It has broaden my horizons.

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